Worship at NCF

The NCF Worship team exists to engage the church body in the experience of meaningful worship unto the glorification of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To that end, we abide by the following principles:

Living lives of worship

NCF Worship team members seek to live lives that reflect the transformative power of Jesus Christ. Worship Team members are actively pursuing a relationship with Christ marked by growing knowledge, faith and acts of love. NCF worship team members model hearts for worship both on and off stage.  If you are interested in joining the team please email Jon Krimmel


Core Values in Worship

Intentional incorporation of scripture into worship: In our Sunday services, we seek to highlight the scriptural basis of song selections and worship themes. We believe our worship is a natural response to the glory of God as he reveals himself in scripture.

Disciple making: We seek out, develop, and equip musical talent within and without the church body to participate as members of the worship team. The worship ministry serves as a vessel for disciple making.

Intentional engagement: and life lived alongside the NCF church body. NCF team members are active and visible members of the church body. We intentionally engage with NCF church members and seek to live in community with the church body.

Artistic excellence: Our worship team is continually improving and creating an effortless musical sound. We are open to the new and appreciative of the old. Team members are dedicated to their musical craft, taking time to personally practice and grow in musical excellence. Team members also have an appreciation for how worship music in particular is informed by scripture, theology, and tradition.